Whiff of Grape

Vancouver, BC, Canada

Mailing List

We maintain on this web site a private, moderated, and spam-free mailing list, with electronic mail addresses of members who want to be kept updated on upcoming meetings.

Emails about the Whif, such as invitation to meetings, will come to you about once a month with the subject: line prefixed with [Whiff].
Reminders are only sent to members who have not RSVPed.

To subscribe to the list

You must be a member. When paying your membership due for the fist time, please inform the treasurer of your email address and at least one contact phone number(s) (home, business, cell).

To change your email address

To unsubscribe from the list

(Leave the word unsubscribe in the subject.)


This is a completely private list. It means that messages sent to the members list are not distributed immediately to everyone, but held in quarantine until approved and released by the list administrator. Similarly, new subscriptions also must be 'vettted' by a member of the junta. This should avoid any spam, small abuses by some members, accidents, such as unfortunate "reply-to-all", etc.....


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