Whiff of Grape

Vancouver, BC, Canada

Rules of the Game

Annual Membership Fee

Members pay a yearly membership fee of $125. This covers the gifts we present to each speaker, and subsidizes our guests' dinners (see below). The yearly membership is pro rated after January: $70 in January, $60 in February, and $50 for the rest of the year.

Dinner Dues

Members pay $75 for themselves, and $55 for their guest(s). Payment is immediate upon arrival, and must be done by the inviting member. Please pay by credit card or cheque, not cash.

Guests and returning members

Individuals can only be admitted as a guest (with the discounted dues) twice in a lifetime. After having been guests twice, our friends will be asked to become full members.

No Show

We are charged for all the dinners we order. If a member fails to cancel his dinner or that of his guest 24 hours in advance, he will be charged for the meals: $75 for himself or $55 per guest.


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